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The forwarding company Corbetta Trasporti S.r.l. was founded in 2000 thanks to the thirty years’ combined experience of its managers.
With its fleet of lorries and directly managed subcarriers, Corbetta Trasporti is the ideal partner for any kind of transport.

The company’s philosophy is fundamentally client-oriented – something which is emphasised by its location, inside the Interporto of Portogruaro (Venice). This area is ideal for road haulage since Corbetta Trasporti is located between the A27 and A4 motorways.

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As it was established recently, the Interporto is equipped with structures which are very innovative and functional for the handling and storage of goods.
We constantly train our personnel (internal personnel, drivers and subcarriers) in order to ensure that we always provide the highest level of professionalism in our service.

Your clients will be impressed by our courtesy and consideration.

As IATA and Shipping Agents, we can offer you an additional guarantee on the quality and the completeness of our services, regarding both national and international groupages and import-export by air and sea.

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